To All Unsung Heros - Bee-Day

FAO Bee-Day


To all the unsung heroes

Food is precious.

And during times of crises we must appreciate even more what it takes to get it to our plates.

Every step of the way, there are heroes working tirelessly so we can eat.


But there are other unsung heroes…

Just think of bees and beekeepers.



Most of the world’s vital food crops depend upon bees and other pollinators,

giving us a diversity in our diets of quality fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.


As pollinators, bees play a key role in our environment –without them our gardens would not flourish, plant diversity would decrease, we would miss the sweetness of honey.


From the stingless honeybee of the Maya people of Mexico and Guatemala

to the giant Himalayan honeybee of the Gurung people of Nepal,

there are many diverse species of bees.


Yet, our tiny heroes are under threat worldwide mainly from…

intensive agriculture, habitat loss, improper use of pesticides and climate change.


Around the world, beekeepers are working to protect them.

Contributing to our food and nutrition security, safeguarding biodiversity

and providing livelihoods and incomes for millions.


To all these unsung heroes, today and every day, we say