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News · 20.05.2020
FAO Bee-Day To all the unsung heroes Food is precious. And during times of crises we must appreciate even more what it takes to get it to our plates. Every step of the way, there are heroes working tirelessly so we can eat. But there are other unsung heroes… Just think of bees and beekeepers.

News · 07.04.2020
Cristina Gorajski Visconti, BPW at the FAO, is the coordinator or facilitator of the NGOs at FAO The Ad Hoc Group of NGOs at FAO has a new website. > > @FAO

Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) improve the lives of smallholder farmers in many ways, from monitoring crops to tracking market prices. While women play a fundamental role in agricultural production, they tend to have less access to ICTs, leaving them and their families at a disadvantage. ©FAO

News · 03.10.2019
CFS 46, Rome・October 14-18, 2019

UN Institutions · 07.07.2019
Rome. BPW Representatives - Cristina Gorajski Visconti