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ILO - International Women's Day 2021
Countering the regressive impact of COVID-19 on gender equality

Side Event by BPW International & Zonta International Zoom Meeting October 15, 2020

The ILO has been monitoring the impact of Covid on the world of work. Here are the links to the first 3 editions of the ILO Covid Monitor:

Geneva. BPW Representatives - Geneva UN Representatives: Catherine Bosshart-Pfluger, Françoise van Leeuwen-de Capitani, Doris Gerber Cerrud Viquez

Bosshart Catherine - Switzerland
BPW International President 2021-2024. UN Representative Geneva, UN Representative New York, UN Representative Vienna, ILO Geneva Representative, WHO Geneva Representative.

Gerber Cerrud Viquez, Doris - Switzerland
Geneva UN Main Representative, ILO Geneva Representative

van Leeuwen, Françoise - Switzerland
Geneva UN Representative, ECE Geneva Representative, ILO Geneva Representative