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The Generation Equality Forum will take place from June 29 to July 2, 2021 in virtual form in Paris. Please register up to June 27th under the following link if you are interested in taking part in the side events: > Registration

Generation Equality Forum - Announcement of the Global Leaders of the Generation Equality Action Coalitions to accelerate gender equality In 2021, following Mexico, France will host the Generation Equality Forum, a worldwide gathering for gender equality, organised by UN Women in partnership with and led by civil society.

Challenging Inequalities
11th International Forum of NGOs in official partnership with UNESCO UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, France, 16-17 December 2019 > News on UNESCO

UNESCO - 40th General Assembly
40th General Conference of UNESCO in Paris・Videos

Speeches by Marie-Claude Machon-Honoré as Chair of the ICNGO and NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee to advocate for the key role of NGOs in official partnership at the NGP Committee and the Executive Board

Machon-Honoré Marie-Claude - France
Paris Representative, UNESCO Paris Representative

Mourrain Nathalie - France