Kirchmair Christa - Austria

Christa Kirchmair



  • UN Representative Vienna


German, English

UN Representative IFBPW since 2012

Equal Pay Day Representative

Chair European Working Group on Equal Pay Day

Past President BPW Austria 2013-2017

Past Vice President BPW Austria 2011-2013


Deputy Chairwomen Austrian Women´s Ring Österreichischer Frauenring


Born in Salzburg, Austria, Christa was raised in Vienna and the Salzkammergut. After her degrees at secondary school she decided to study economics at the University of Innsbruck. With her strong interest in sociology and personnel she started her career in international business consulting.


As an economist Christa is working in the field of strategic human resources and organisational development. Gender equality was part of her studies and Christas equal pay consulting is a logical development, the holistic view a special capability.


Christa is passionate for women´s rights and currently working on austrian and european legislative level. As past president of BPW Austria and deputy chairwoman in the Austrian Frauenring, she is always taking part in global acitivities.


Lobbying for women is priority for her. 

Christa is confident that UN and European Union legislative open doors into the countries and are the bottom for future development. She is an expert for equal pay and gender equality with experience at all levels, private, enterprise and governmental. Christa is also UN representative in Vienna since 2012. At UN Vienna, Christa is joining the CSW, Committee on Aging, Committee on Drugs.