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Hosted by our sister NGO CSWs in the Regions, you won't want to miss the five Regional Consultation Days!

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Join NGO CSW/NY's Consultation Day to officially kick off the NGO CSW66 Forum!

The program will feature a conversation between the CSW Chair and UN Women Executive Director; an informational panel on the CSW priority theme; feminist entertainment; and a celebration of NGO CSW/NY's 50th Anniversary!



Virtual Event

Video from 17 February 2022, 1-3 PM EST

NGO CSW66 Forum Training

Learn everything you need to know about attending the NGO CSW66 Forum on the Virtual Portal. We’ll talk about the different aspects of the Forum, show a walk-through of the Virtual Portal, and take questions from participants!

Digital Interactive Handbook

Purchase a virtual Handbook Advertisement to promote your organization and/or Parallel Event on the NGO CSW66 Forum virtual Portal and in our interactive Handbook! You'll be featured with a unique page on the Portal.

Are you a virtual Handbook Ad Sponsor at the NGO CSW66 Forum? Or are you thinking about applying? Watch this quick tutorial video for everything you need to know!

Learn more and apply.

Virtual Exhibit Hall

Apply to host a virtual Exhibit Booth on the NGO CSW66 Virtual Forum Portal! Forum participants will be able to visit your booth, meet and greet with your representantives, learn about your organization, and request more information.

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Virtual Portal Tutorial for NGO CSW66 Participants

Watch this video for an overview of engaging on Virtual Portal as an attendee of the NGO CSW66 Forum!

Learn the ins and outs of the NGO CSW Forum and UN CSW!

The one-hour program introduced the CSW66 priority and review themes, as well as provided an overview of the CSW process and the NGO CSW Forum for those who are new and not necessarily familiar with the inner workings of NGO CSW/NY and the UN CSW. Our hope is that session participants will become familiar with the CSW process and better understand how to prepare for both the NGO CSW Forum and the UN CSW.

The program included information about the different aspects of the NGO CSW66 Forum and the UN CSW, with a 30-minute session to answer participants' questions at the end following the one-hour program.


Parallel Event Organzier Training

Watch this event if you're hosting a virtual Parallel Event during the NGO CSW66 Forum! We'll walk through the Virtual Portal and everything you need to know about hosting your event. We'll also have a Q&A session to answer all your questions!

Watch the UN Advocacy Training for youth advocates at the CSW!

Learn how to advocate effectively in the hybrid environment of CSW66 this year, understand the mechanisms for gender equality, learn the language of advocacy, and what the global women's movement is advancing in the discourse.