Happy New Year 2020

Dear International Board, dear BPW Presidents and dear BPW Members,


As 2019 comes to its close I would like to say thanks especially to the UN Representatives around the globe, to Ayça Mazman, the Administrator for UN matters, and to Ursula Schmid, my webmaster, for their great work they have tirelessly done in the name of BPW International. It was a very busy year in preparation of Beijing+25 and we are all looking forward to the Commission on Status of Women (CSW 64) in March 2020 in New York. All those who are interested in UN matters and the Commission on Status of Women 2020 will find a lot of information on the website: www.bpw-un.org or via the international website of BPW International: www.bpw-international.org under United Nations.


My thanks go also to all the BPW Leaders and Members I had the privilege to get to know during national and regional conferences in 2019. The kindness, warmth and hospitality I experienced was overwhelming. That I was at the same time able to get to know a multitude of different cultures was an unexpected gift. Thank you all!


BPW is inspired by the many members who work in projects and task forces. After almost 90 years of existence, International President, Dr. Amany Asfour, made a lot of the BPW initiatives visible in a project booklet. BPW International offers members with a project to register on the webpage: www.bpw-projects.org/member-projects-registration and Clubs and Federations to showcase their projects for sponsors and partners on: www.bpw-cfprojects.org/registration/ .

I am fully aware that we women often complete excellent work, create and accomplish many things, yet forget to speak about what we are doing. This might work for us individually, but it is important to be able to show to our partners and to the United Nations what we are doing. Therefore, should your projects not yet be on the website, please register. 


In 2020, I am looking forward to seeing many of the BPW at the BPW Leaders’ Summit on March 6-7 & at the Claire Fulcher dinner on March 8 in New York (visit www.bpw-international.org/webreg/index.php/leaders-summit-2020 for details & online registration). 


The most important event of the coming year will be the XXXth International Congress in Orlando, Florida from August 21 to August 25, 2020. We are all looking forward to our 30th International Congress to celebrate our 90thAnniversary (Visit OrlandoCongress.bpw-International.org for a provisional program and other details).


I wish you all a very happy and peaceful New Year!  May we come a huge step closer to the Sustainable Development Goals in 2020!


Warmest regards,

Dr. Catherine Bosshart, BPW International VP UN

Shanghai, December 30, 2019