Assogna Rita - Austria

Rita Assogna

BPW Club Wien




  • Vienna UN Representatives


Italian, French, English and German

Professional Career

Born in Rome, she studied Chemistry in Rome (Italy) and worked as a Directorate Adviser and Head Patent examiner at EPO (European Patent Office) in the field of Industrial Chemistry in The Hague, Berlin and Munich. 

From 2003 to 2007 she was elected representative of the Staff Committee of EPO with focus on equal opportunity, mediation and advocacy in the functions of secretary/vice president/president respectively.

Other Activities

She was the founder and the first president (2009-2017) of Italian Women Inventors end Innovator Network (ITWIIN  www.itwiin.org) and cofounder of SelenaItaly - Association of Social Promotion for promoting female entrepreneurship (www.selenaItaly.com). She is also Ambassador for EUWIIN (European Women Inventor & Innovator Network www.euwiininternational.eu).

BPW Activities

Rita Assogna is member of BPW since 2000. She was on the board of BPW-Munich (Germany) as vice president 2000-2002. From 2003 to 2009 she was Chair of "Wasser-Germany-BPW" and a member of the Taskforce "Women for Water” (www.womenforwater.org). She is a member in the BPW-Wien (Austria) since 2015 and UN representative since January 2017.


Rita is married and has a son and a daughter.