Machon-Honoré Marie-Claude - France

Marie-Claude Machon-Honoré

BPW Club Paris



  • Paris Representative


French, English

Marie-Claude Machon-Honoré 

is Professor and Doctor in Anglophone studies. She researched “The role of the Child Poverty Action Group in British civil society” for her Masters and “The role of education in the development of women in the Anglophone Caribbean in the 21stcentury” for her PhD (Paris-IV, Sorbonne University). 

She has been the permanent representative for the International Federation of Business and Professional Women/BPW International to UNESCO since 2012 and was elected as member of the NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee in December 2016 for a two years’ mandate; she is in charge of communication and the relations with the CCNGO/Education (as member of the CCNGO/Education 2030 coordinating group).

She was member of the steering group for the first international UNESCO NGO-Liaison Committee forum on Education in September 2013 and NGOs Literacy Day in September 2014; she was  involved in the 3rdforum in Bulgaria on the role of the youth in safeguarding tangible and intangible cultural heritage in October 2014 and had BPW Jeju president make an oral statement on Education to Support the Sustainability of Jeju Haenyeo Community as one of UNESCO World Intangible Heritages needed; she co-organized the 4th  forum on the role of women in fighting poverty in June 2015 and was involved in the 5thforum on the rapprochement of cultures in Beijing, July 2015 where BPW Brazil project on Flowers for Peace was presented as well as BPW Jeju’s Healing Academy for the Haenyeos and intergenerational cultural transmission ; she was a member of the steering group of the preparatory group for NGOs Action Day against climate change (October 2015) and  contributed to the NGOs declaration and was a panellist at Le Bourget, COP 21 ,December 2015 on behalf of the group of NGOs in partnership with UNESCO and on behalf of IFBPW and WfWP at the UNESCO Pavilion. 

She organised a meeting with ERI Desk Officer and the Liaison Committee for immediate past President Yasmin Darwich ahead of her participation in the 6thNGO-UNESCO forum “From promoting to building peace with NGOs” in Queretaro, Mexico and had BPW Mexico Julia Ortiz represented as moderator on the panel on education and contributed to an oral statement on the inclusion of women in resolving conflicts and peace decision making, on behalf of IFBPW and BPW Turkey. 

She participated in the 7thforum on “the role of youth and their social impact” in Riyadh, 3-4 May 2017 and had BPW Young representative Marie Boucaud accredited and included in the forum as speaker for an interactive session on Equal economic opportunities for young men and women. 

She participated as the Liaison Committee representative and coordination member of the CCNGO in the 8thglobal meeting on education in Siem reap on 7-8 May 2017 and contributed to the drafting of the declaration.

She was asked by the President of Soroptimist, France to organize and moderate a round table entitled “What is the real impact of literacy on the economic development of countries” during the conference organised by Soroptimist International, 11 September 2017, at Unesco headquarters, on the occasion of Literacy Day and Fight against Illiteracy: “Literacy, Lifelong learning, A Sustainable Future for All”.

She was one of the focal points for the organization of the 8thNGO-UNESCO forum on climate change and was in charge of the thematic sessions on the role of Civil Society organizations in facing climate change where BPW International was represented by Lesha Witmer who talked about “investing in girls and women for sustainable development”. She was the first speaker to present the forum. 

She made three presentations on the role of education and women’s social and economic empowerment at the Women Economic Forum in Delhi, May 2016, and was one of the six awardees to be given a prize in recognition of her role as “iconic woman leader envisioning a united world” by the Education Minister on stage during the closing ceremony.

She works closely with the UNESCO Education, Inclusion sector and gender focal point on the theme of girls and women in STEM. In December 2018 she has been elected as Chair of the NGO Liaison Committee of UNESCO.